As I'm sure you have already guessed my name is Jack. I am a ambitious and driven photographer whose main focus is weddings. I currently work fulltime as a greenkeeper at The Richmond Golf Club and at every other waking moment its WEDDINGS!!!

I started my photography adventure 5 years ago after walking into my local Jesups and enquiring on some equipment to take some pictures on a holiday. The sales assistant pointed me in the direction of a DSLR. 

After a couple of years of photographing wildlife, landscapes and friends I began to realise how much i loved capturing images. I found i have a real pashon for photographing people as they are hard to prodick and it is allway a chalange to capture "the deciceve moment" in an exspeshon or an event but when you do.... well that is what got me hooked!

My journy into wedding photography started when one of my partners friend asked me to be their wedding photographer. before this i had been asked by other friends but had always shyed away because of the enormicey of the occashon, as well as i undwrstood that a wedding is a big step in a relashonship and the pressure to capture such a spechiel life event was alot to bear.  I agreeded to photograph the wedding and so my journy began. 

I had a year before there wedding day so i turned my focus to learning everythig i possabably could about weddings as i had only been to a couple of receptions and had not taken mych notise to what gos on. After a few months of reading and practising eveything weddings i shot my first cerimoney. I was asked by a collige if i could cover his wedding, It was a beautifullely clear december afternoon and i was very nervice to say the least! I had done all of my prporation beforehad so i thort i knew what to exspect but after a quick conversation with the regester and a list of the house rules my axamsity peaked. The cerimony went great and my first wedding photography exsperience was over. I will never forget the feeling of walking out of that regestory office, feeling amazing.